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Download Programs and Manuals

SMAP Programs

To install SMAP programs, first read Install-Guide.pdf, download and run SMAP-CD.exe, and follow onscreen instructions. To download SMAP programs, click the file name SMAP-CD.exe.

Install-Guide.pdf [ 1 Mb] Guide for Installing and Running SMAP Programs
SMAP-CD.exe [72 Mb] Self-installing SMAP Program File

Note: SMAP-CD.exe contains TUNA, TUNA plus, SMAP-S2, SMAP-2D, SMAP-3D and SMAP-T2. It can be used for Demo Version without key and Full Version with key installed.

SMAP Manuals

Manuals are written in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To download a manual, click the file name using the right mouse button and then select "Save Target AS ..". To open the manual, click the file name.

TUNA.pdf [ 4 Mb] Linear Tunnel Analysis Program
TUNAPLUS.pdf [24 Mb] Nonlinear Tunnel Analysis Program
SMAP-S2.pdf [30 Mb] Static 2-D FEM Program
SMAP-2D.pdf [32 Mb] Static, Consolidation & Dynamic 2-D FEM Program
SMAP-3D.pdf [37 Mb] Static, Consolidation & Dynamic 3-D FEM Program

Note: SMAP-S2, SMAP-2D and SMAP-3D manuals contain complete documents including User's Guide, Example Problems and Theory.

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