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Over the last thirty years, SMAP programs have been continuously improved in their capability to solve broad range of geotechnical and structural problems as well as in their easiness to use.    SMAP programs draw more attentions from engineering designers, researchers, and graduate students throughout the world since their theoretical background is based on advanced multiphase theory which has been proved by experimental works.

SMAP Version 7.0, released in April 2019, integrated all SMAP programs in unified and consistent way along with complete user's manuals.

For recent SMAP updates including Version 7.06, click

Update.pdf in Download.

SMAP Version 7.0 includes following new features:

64 Bit Operating System
SMAP Solvers supporting Windows 64 Bit Operating System

Block Mesh Generator
3D CAD program specially designed to generate finite element meshes

PlotXY Generator
Graphical User Interface to generate or edit Time Histories & Snapshots of results

3D Heat Conduction finite element program with phase change

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