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Over the last ten years, SMAP programs have been continuously improved in their capability to solve broad range of geotechnical and structural problems as well as in their easiness to use. SMAP programs draw more attentions from engineering designers, researchers, and graduate students throughout the world since their theoretical background is based on advanced multiphase theory which has been proved by experimental works.

Significant recent projects that used SMAP incldue ; New harbor design which employs sand drain method accompanied by preload consolidation, 3 dimentional analysis for the old massive earth dam leakage investigation, structural failure analysis for the subway reinforced concrete slabs caused by gas explosion, top-down multi step prestressed earth wall design, and NATM tunnel lining-surrounding rock interaction analysis subjected to strong recorded earthquakes.

Recently, SMAP programs have employed the special method that allows much easier soil dynamic analysis by continuously solving dynamic analysis with appropriate boundary change after static or consolidation analysis. Furthermore, most importantly, SMAP end users can get technical supports directly from the developers with effective and timely response.

SMAP Version 6.57 includes pre-processing program JOINT-2D/3D that will automatically add joint interface elements to the existing continuum finite element mesh. Jointed continuum element is similar to the discrete element. The main advantages of using such joint elements are to allow slippage along the joint when reaching shear strength and debonding normal to the joint face when exceeding tensile strength.

SMAP Version 6.58 includes more improved new features for the pre- and post-processing programs such as PLOT-3D, AIG, and ADDRGN-2D/3D.

Recent Update Notes of SMAP programs include:

Ver5-0.pdf Version 5.0 released in Feb., 2000
Ver5-3.pdf Version 5.3 released in Feb., 2002
Ver6-0.pdf Version 6.0 released in March, 2003
Ver6-5.pdf Version 6.5 released in April, 2006
Ver6-56.pdf Version 6.56 released in December, 2007
Ver6-57.pdf Version 6.57 released in December, 2008
Ver6-58.pdf Version 6.58 released in December, 2009

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