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Price and Order Information

Trial Versions can be used for 30 days without registration
Following price represents annual license fee
If you are interested in buying programs, email to info@ComtecResearch.com

   Set No    Programs      Price     
1    S2, S3, 2D, 3D, T2, T3, Tuna, Tuna Plus (All)      $1,500
2    S2, S3, 2D, 3D, Tuna, Tuna Plus (3D Set) $1,300
3    S2, 2D, Tuna, Tuna Plus (2D Set) $700
4    T2, T3 (Thermal Set) $500
6    Tuna (Linear Tunnel Analysis) $100
7    Tuna Plus (Nonlinear Tunnel Analysis) $200
11    Smap-S2 (Static 2D Fem Analysis) $300
12    Smap-S3 (Static 3D Fem Analysis) $400
13    Smap-2D (Static, Consol. & Dyn. 2D Analysis)  $500
14    Smap-3D (Static, Consol. & Dyn. 3D Analysis)  $900
15    Smap-T2 (Heat Conduction 2D Fem Analysis) $300
16    Smap-T3 (Heat Conduction 3D Fem Analysis) $400

Apply free annual license of 2D Set for universities and colleges
Email following information to info@ComtecResearch.co.kr
University or College Name, Department Name,
Professor Name and Contact Email Address

Minimum System Required:

  • Windows 64 Bit Operating System
  • Intel Pentinum 4 or AMD Processor
  • 4 GB Ram with 30 GB Free Space in Drive C
  • SVGA Monitor  

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