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Linear Tunnel Analysis Program

TUNA is a fully automated computer program developed for TUNnel Analysis. The program is written by the professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in tunnel analysis.

TUNA employs a static, two-dimensional, linear elastic finite element method. Pre- and post-processors are built-in so that only the physical geometries and material properties associated with a proposed tunnel are required as input and graphical otput can be obtained directly.

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  • Liner-medium interaction
  • English and Metric units
  • Excavation and live loads
  • Lined and unlined tunnels
  • Shallow and deep buried tunnels
  • Multi-layered geological medium
  • Tunnel Shapes
      Horseshoe Shape
  • Liner Types
      Steel Plate
      Plain Concrete
      Reinforced Concrete
      Composite Integral Liner

Output Data

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Following graphical output can be displayed on screen or printed through hardcopy device:

  • Tunnel deformed shape
  • Principal stress in soil/rock
  • Stresses and strains in the reinforcing bars
  • Bending moment, thrust, extreme fiber stresses and strains in the liner

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