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Heat Conduction Finite Element Analysis Program

Both SMAP-T2 and SMAP-T3 are advanced finite element computer programs developed for the nonlinear heat conduction analysis.

SMAP-T2 is for 2-dimensional and SMAP-T3 for 3-dimensional analysis.

The programs have been applied to various types of heat conduction problems including longterm heat flow from the high-level nuclear waste repository, power requirements to freeze saturated backfilled soils to be used for egress/heat sinks, and design of freezing pipes.

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  • Isoparametric continuum element
      Models soils, rocks, concrete and other continuum media.
      Allows nonlinear thermal conductivities and heat capacities
      with consideration of latent heat during the phase change.
      Models dry, saturated and partially saturated porous media.

  • Freezing pipe model
      Absorbs heat from the surrounding medium resulting
      in a temperature increase in the freezing fluid.

  • Boundary conditions
      Prescribed temperature
      Prescribed heat flow
      Forced convection

  • Heat generating sources

  • Efficient method of averaging heat capacity during phase change

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  • Nonlinear heat conduction
  • Permafrost and heat sink
  • Ground freezing by freezing pipe
  • Heat propagation from high-level nuclear waste source

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