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SMAP-T2 is an advanced two-dimensional finite element computer program developed for the nonlinear heat conduction analysis. SMAP-T2 is an improved follow-on to the original Thermal Analysis Program (TEMP). The program has been applied to various types of heat conduction problems including longterm heat flow from the high-level nuclear waste repository, power requirements to freeze saturated backfilled soils to be used for egress/heat sinks, and design of freezing pipes.

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  • Two-dimensional plane or axisymmetric 4 node isoparametric continuum element.
    - Models soils, rocks, concrete and other continuum media.
    - Allows nonlinear thermal conductivities and heat capacities with
      consideration of latent heat during the phase change.
    - Models dry, saturated and partially saturated porous media.
  • Freezing pipe model.
    - Absorbs heat from the surrounding medium resulting in a temperature
      increase in the freezing fluid.
  • Boundary conditions
    - Prescribed temperature
    - Prescribed heat flow
    - Forced convection
  • Heat generating sources
  • Three-time level difference scheme combined with a general two-time level scheme.
  • Efficient method of averaging heat capacity during the phase change.

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  • Nonlinear heat conduction
  • Ground freezing by freezing pipe
  • Permafrost
  • Heat sink
  • Heat propagation from high-level nuclear waste source

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