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SMAP-S2 is an advanced two-dimensional, static, finite element computer program developed for the geometric and material nonlinear structure-medium interaction analysis.

The program has specific applications for modeling geomechanical problems associated with multi-staged excavation or embankment.

The material models in the program include Von Mises, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, and In Situ Rock models. The In Situ Rock model incorporates the Hoek & Brown empirical data base tabulated for several different rock types as a function of rock quality.


  • Continuum element allows 2-D plane strain, plane stress and axisymmetric analyses. It can be used for soils, rocks and concrete media. Material yielding and tension-cutoff are considered.
  • Joint element allows separation and sliding along the interface. It can be used for modeling rock joints, fault zones, or structure-soil interfaces.
  • Beam element allows axial, bending and shear deformations. It can be used for rectangular or tee-shape reinforced concrete or composite beams. Cracking and crushing of concrete and yielding of the reinforcing bar are considered.
  • Truss element allows yielding, buckling and post-buckling. It can be used for rock bolts and anchor bars.
  • SMAP-S2 contains automatic node renumbering scheme to reduce bandwidth.
  • Updated Lagrangian Formulation is used to model large deformations.
  • SMAP-S2 is capable of solving up to 99,990 elements or nodes.
  • SMAP-S2 contains several pre-processing programs which can be used to generate nodal coordinates, boundary constraints, element indexes, and applied loads for continuum, beam and truss elements.

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Output Data

Analysis results are saved numerically in a number of different output files for displacements, stresses, strains and section forces.

Following graphical outputs are available:

  • Finite element mesh and Deformed shape
  • Principal stress distribution
  • Contours of stresses and strains
  • Section forces, extreme fiber stresses and strains in beam.
  • Axial forces, stresses and strains in truss element.
  • Histories of displacements, stresses and strains at selected nodes and elements

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